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Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) preparation

I'm preparing for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam, forming some opinions along the way.

There seem to be some essential topics that I think you must master to pass the exam.

With the RHCSA they essentially give you a server, 2.5 hours, and a bunch of problems to solve. it stands to reason that you'll need to root the machine (vm), setup networking, deal with storage, and setup a local repo to make your machine useable.

For example, failing to root the machine would stop all forward progress, while not successfully setting up Access Control Lists would be a bummer but won't cause you to brick the whole exam.

Essential topics

  • It seems unlikely that Red Hat will give you the root password so you'll need to root the system before you can do anything else

  • It seems obvious you'll need to configure networking, including setting your IP address, setting the default gateway, and configuring DNS.

  • You'll need to setup a repo

  • I think you'll need to know storage well and likely will need to add logical volumes or extend an existing volume

Key topics

I think it's important to master all of these topics.

  • Set up an LDAP client
  • Know how to work with SELinux type contexts
  • Understand the boot process

I think it's a good idea to master everything beyond this as well but you can afford to miss a few and still pass the exam.